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카니발 룩 아이 겔 마스크 3종
Carnival Look Eye Gel Mask 3 types

COLOR!SKIN Carnival Look Eye Gel Mask “Sexy Leopard” “Pretty Fox” “Pure Butterfly”


Like masquerade masks, Purederm Color!skin Carnival Look Eye Mask is a mask for young eyes with a special sensation that adds to the pleasure of using eye gel mask by applying colorful carnival designs to non-woven fabrics. It provides continuous moisture and active ingredients in the eye area to make it look smooth and resilient.


* Elastic fabric in four directions!

The fabric has elasticity in both the horizontal and vertical directions. So it excellently adheres to the curved facial area, and its appearance is very luxurious.


* Emotional color eye gel mask!

COLOR!SKIN brand is aimed at a sensual, colorful young sensibility. gel mask is an emotional eye zone mask that allows you to feel the joy of coloring while using the eye gel mask.


* Hydrating & Firming & Brightening!

Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to help skin moisturizing and elasticity. Glutathione and Vitamin C brighten the dull eye zone.


* How to use

1. Thoroughly cleans and dry your face.

2. Open the pouch and remove Eye Gel Mask from the transparent film

3. Apply Eye Gel Mask to eye area with the shiny side facing your skin. Press down and smooth out air bubbles, ensuring good contact with skin.

4. Wear the mask for 20~30 minutes.

5. Slowly peel off Eye Gel Mask starting at edges, pulling toward center.


* Packing Details

Unit Pack 1patch

Inner Pack 24ea

Case Pack 288ea