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P/D Multi-Area Black O2 Bubble Mask

  • ITEM NO. ADS388

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Product Information

• Purederm Multi-Area Black O2 Bubble Mask, containing Black Mud Creamy Mask(Step1)&O2 Bubble Sheet Mask(Step2), is a multi-area skin care treatment that is designed to be customized for forehead and other facial areas in one package.

• Step1 : Black Mud Creamy Mask contains ingredients to balance oil content, so it helps to keep your forehead soft & smooth.

• Step2 : O2 Bubble Sheet Mask generates abundant O2 bubbles to remove sebum, dead skin and deep down impurities to brighten skin tone and deeply cleanse the skin.

How to use

①Open the sachet along the dotted line in the upper side of the product and remove Black Mud Creamy Mask(Step1). Spread it evenly over the forehead area. ②Rub the surface of Step2’s pouch to mix the contents well. ③Take out and unfold O2 Bubble Sheet Mask(Step2). Apply the mask over a dry face in alignment with the face shape. ④Wear the mask for 10-15 minutes. Remove the mask when the oxygen bubbles have risen sufficiently. ⑤Rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Capacity and Packing Specifications

Unit Pack : Mud5g+1sheet
Inner Pack : 24ea
Case Pack : 576ea
Gross Weight : 8kg
Case Cube : 0.062CBM